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Creating a movement of community music sharing.

About the CMP

The Community Music Project (CMP) has been on a mission to inspire passionate musicians to engage in a movement of community music sharing since 2018.

After studying music respectively for more than 20 years, co-founders Ben and Danai found themselves neglecting their musical instruments, yet still yearning to share their enjoyment of music with others. In 2018 they created Sunday Lounge Sessions, a regular forum where they could meet other like-minded musicians from their local area to share their  passion for music. 

Since Launching, the CMP has been working on a range of other projects including the Autumn Sessions, a project which connected local musicians with aged care residents across the inner west of Sydney and Music Centred Design, a new way of thinking about the power of music.

Currently based in London, Ben and Danai continue to explore new ways of connecting with other musicians and expanding the network of community musicians.



Creating a network of community music sharing through wine, cheese and live music performance.

Sunday Lounge Sessions


Connecting local musicians with aged care residents and encouraging intergenerataional music sharing.

Autumn Sessions

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Pioneering a new way to think about the power of music to connect people, create great places and enhance wellbeing.

Music Centred Design

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The Autumn Sessions: A case for why live music shouldn't be a luxury as we age

December 2019

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The Autumn Sessions is about encouraging inter-generational music sharing opportunities which connect local musicians and aged care residents.

APRIL 2019

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The Community Music Project brings together music , musicians in a relaxed environment which encourages musicians and singers to share their passion for music with others. 


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Sunday Lounge Sessions are about musicians sharing music with each other in a friendly, relaxed and informal environment

MARCH 2018


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